The Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Practice began in 1975 as a service to a select client base in Georgia and several rural counties in South Carolina. Edward Dudley at the time was City Engineer and Director of Public Works for the City of Aiken (1973-1977). On July 1, 1977, the practice became full-time. The demand for land development technical assistance was high in the Aiken County Area, so an increasingly larger percent of the practice became devoted to engineering and land surveying support of subdivisions, apartment complexes, industrial expansion and schools, rather than municipal works.

The first four years saw the growth of the staff to five in the office and three in the field. Included in the workload then were several sections of Gem Lake Estates, participation in Houndslake, Foxchase, and other neighborhoods in the vicinity, many other small neighborhoods, and Aiken County’s New Hope Redevelopment. Numerous apartment complexes were constructed all over South Carolina and some in Georgia that had Dudley participation in site work engineering and layout. Several Dudley engineering projects were constructed around the City of Aiken, including major waterline and sanitary sewer construction around and near the then new by-pass roadways.

In 1982, with mortgage interest rates around 18%, the land development market was at a standstill. Dedicated employees shifted into other interests, but remained available on an as-needed basis. These relationships formed the basis of a then novel approach to employment, commonplace today. All assistance needs of the practice were handled as “outsource”. Many designers, drafters, computer technicians and survey field personnel were eager to expand their respective service markets. The result was the availability of a number of highly qualified and energetic individuals who could participate as needed, and in the correct lineup for a given project. Today, most larger businesses, banks, energy suppliers, and many other entities utilize “outsource” or “consultants” under contract to provide specialized services or even the more employee-typical services.

When the land development market cranked back up in late 1983, the practice was able to respond under the new and more flexible format. Several shopping centers, including Hitchcock Plaza, Center South, and entities along Whiskey Road and Silver Bluff Road had Dudley engineering participation. The commercial development support also included sites along Bobby Jones and Gordon Highway in Augusta and Columbia County. The practice was proud to have major site engineering roles in the creation of South Aiken High, Midland Valley High, Silver Bluff High, Aiken Elementary, Redcliffe Elementary, and North Augusta Elementary Schools, as well as campus expansions at the University of South Carolina Aiken, USC-Salkahatchee and Aiken Technical College.

By the late 1980’s, the practice, under the flexible assistance format, was participating in large land development projects in the Atlanta Metro and in multi-discipline activities at the Savannah River Site, while providing general engineering and surveying services in the Aiken County and vicinity area. Specialty services were developed to support dredging and shoreline management activities in the Southeastern United States, especially in Florida and Georgia. Additionally, three currently registered land surveyors spent time within the practice working toward their respective licensure's, so land surveying services remained an important component of the practice.

In 1996, the demand by a large Georgia architectural firm to provide civil engineering services to support the architecture, mainly of schools, led to a contract include Edward Dudley in that process. Initially, most of the time and resources of the Dudley practice were consumed in that endeavor. After 2000, however, staffing and training in that venue allowed the Dudley return to providing engineering and land surveying services to the citizens of Aiken County.

With more than thirty years of intense and varied experience, C. Edward Dudley, Professional Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor, and associated professionals and technicians located in Aiken, Augusta, Atlanta and Savannah, provide civil engineering, structural engineering, hydrology and storm water management, and land surveying services throughout South Carolina and Georgia.